Outdoor Experiential Learning by ADVENTURE INDONESIA

Importance of Community Service for Youth

Adventure Indonesia concerns with the Global Issues Network (GIN) that empower the young generation. Which collaborate locally, regionally, globally in order to create project-based sustainability solutions for sharing global issues (GIN Mission). Our company creates a Community Service Program that gives the opportunity to every educational institution all over the world to acquire knowledge and life skills in their learning community to participate and spread positive contributions. Community Service Program stimulates all educators in creating positive energy for their students to make a change and help others.


Community Service Program has some common benefits, i.e. Cognitive, Social, and also psychological. By volunteering in community services, students can enhance their knowledge that they received from formal (and also informal) education, analyze any social issues in a particular region, and plan an appropriate project that will be useful for others. Students who participate in community service will engage directly with real problems from society and it will help them to learn and build new bonding, both emotionally and physically, with other people that they serve. It will increase their responsibility and maturity. By volunteering in the Community Service Program, students will get a positive impact on self-image, self-confidence, out of their routine, and ease stress.


Repairing public facilities in a village, fixing a road, building a simple library in Jogjakarta, Central Java; cleaning beach, helping turtle conservation in Bali, teaching English for local students, serving orphanage or special needs or senior citizen in a nursing home, are some of our Program activities. It has been participated by educational institutions from England, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and many other countries. We are able to run the program in almost all over Indonesia’s area. Besides volunteering, easing stress also become one of the benefits to watch and see the beauty of Indonesia.