Outdoor Experiential Learning by ADVENTURE INDONESIA

Jungle Survival for Youth

We are living in a world where technologies and high consumed habits rules. We are forgetting our natural environment. Millennial generation nowadays, sometimes described as ‘lazy’, narcissistic, and always depend on their electronic devices. It’s merely negative stereotypes given by society. One of our programs, Youth Jungle Survival, persuades young people to improve their character, through nature, against those negatives stereotypes.

Is it a time waste activity? What is the urgency of practicing Jungle Survival for the urban millennial generation? What are the advantages?

Youth Jungle Survival is not only about how you try to survive in the jungle but mostly about how we improve our state of mind facing various situations in a lack of resources. Why jungle? In a very limited and uncomfortably surrounding situation, usually, a person will reveal its origin characteristics. We train young people’s mentality on how to face and deal with the hardest situation and how they can admit, adapt, transcend the survival condition into worthwhile conditions for them. The program trains and able youth to adapt to every situation that sometimes will be less than their expectations.

Besides trains their mentality, Youth Jungle Survival gives a strong message to the young generation regarding nature preservation in order to create an agent of change in a natural environment. It is not only about you can create a temporary shelter in the jungle, determine edible and non-edible food, able to trap animals for food, find water resources, but it’s also more about how you can give gratitude and respect nature.

Supported with highly expert and experienced staff, Adventure Indonesia Youth Jungle Survival emphasizes safety as the main priority and a great learning experience for all the participants. Come and join us, preserve nature, and shape the young generation mentality for a better future.