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Volcano Trekking

Dotted with mountains and volcanoes covered by tropical rain forest, Indonesia is one of the world most exotic places for the tropical mountain trekking and volcano tour. The "Ring of fire" runs through Sumatra, Java, the Lesser Sunda Islands and then up to Moluccas and made these islands marked by jagged volcanoes and most fertile land on the planet.

The highest volcano in Indonesia and in South East Asia: Mt. Kerinci at 3,805 m above sea level with it's abundant wildlife and the pristine tropical rain forest of Kerinci Seblat National Park in western part of Sumatra, or the easy climbing Mt. Gede (2,958 m) & Mt.Pangrango (3.100 m) in West Java part of the Gede-Pangrango National Park - with it's panoramic view of craters and the beautiful landscape of West Java, or the most challenging volcano to climb Mt. Semeru (3,676 m) and Mt. Bromo (2,200 m) well-known for the extraordinary sea of sand and the spectacular sunset. In the eastern Indonesia, towering over every corner of Lombok Island, Mt. Rinjani (3,726 m) offers its great beauty, eerie location, the enormous crater filled with bright emerald green water. Also the 4,884 meter high snow capped Carstensz Pyramid peak of Irian Jaya.